The Team

Teams will be made up of 6 players. At least one of these players must be female. Up to 4 additional players may accompany the team as substitutes.

The Format

At registration, teams will self select into the Vegas League, for teams that play and compete regularly, or the Average Joes’ League, for teams that are playing for fun. The morning will be a round robin tournament within each league. The top team from the Average Joes will play in the Vegas league in the afternoon.

All morning teams will pass through to the afternoon single elimination tournament to determine a winner. Games in the afternoon will be best two out of three four minute games. Refs will monitor all games.

The Game

The object of the game is to eliminate players on the other team. You can do this by throwing a LIVE ball and hitting an opposing player anywhere besides their head or face (because that is just plain mean). If a player ducks and gets hit in the head then they are still out. If you catch a live ball from an opposing player, then the thrower is out and a new player from the catching team can come in. First out first in. A Ball is DEAD when it touches the floor, wall, net, ceiling, player who is out, ref or spectator.


Once play begins players may not step outside of the boundaries or lines or they will be called out. If they step out at all to get a ball they are out. They must stay in at all times. Other teammates or other players from other teams will help the current team playing get balls and hand it to them. Once a player is out they can help their team get balls. If a player steps OVER the midline while throwing or on the rush they will be called out. Or if a player steps OVER a boundary line they will be called out.

The Opening Rush

At the start of each game each team will have six players on a side. At least one player must be female. At the whistle or call of the game the players will rush for the three balls to their right side only. Once they get their balls they must bring it back behind the back line and then play will start. A ball must be cleared before it can be thrown. If the ball is thrown before that, the throw will not count and the player will be called out.

Head Shots

It really isn’t nice to hit someone in the head with a dodgeball. So don’t. Not only is it mean, it also doesn’t get them OUT. High throws or attempts to hit someone in the head will result in the refs giving you a warning. Three warnings and you’re out. And seriously, that is just poor form so don’t do it. If someone is ducking, diving, dipping, or otherwise “dodging” and accidentally gets hit in the head, though, they are OUT.


You may use a ball to block an incoming ball. If you lose control of the held ball you used to block – you drop it and it hits the ground or another object – then you are OUT. If you are blocking and the opposing ball hits your ball and then hits you, you are OUT – you didn’t block very well. If an incoming ball hits your ball and then then you catch it, that is a legal catch. NOTE: An incoming ball is only live to the first contacted person. A ball is DEAD when it contacts a second person. So if a ball hits your ball and then your teammate, your teammate is still in. Or if a ball hits your ball and then your teammate catches it  – nothing happens.


Each game will last five minutes and the team with the most players at the end of the time limit will win the game. If teams are tied they go to an overtime. When the first person on a team gets out the game is over and the other team wins. Only 1 minute overtime, if no one out then it is a tie. No ties in playoffs you keep playing. Referees must yell out when 1 minute is left in a game then 30 second mark and 10 second mark.

Time-Outs & Substitutions

There will be no Time-Outs allowed, except in the case of injuries. Substitutions are not allowed during any individual game. Teams may switch the roster with substitutes before the start of any game.

Ball Man Rule (10 seconds)

There is a new rule to prevent stalling and keep the game moving. The team that has the most balls on their side MUST THROW or ROLL a ball within 10 seconds or be penalized (the team loses a player of their choice). If the ball count is even, the team with the most players has to ROLL or THROW balls to the other side within 10 seconds. If both teams have an even number of players and balls, each team will lose a player if the team does not throw a ball in a 10 second period. At the end of the day, the refs need to keep the games moving so be nice to your refs, listen to them and don’t stall the game.

Last Player Standing

After the morning play, there will be a Last Player Standing competition where everyone is invited to play in a giant dodgeball tournament to raise money for diabetes research. Anyone who wants to play must purchase a “life” bracelet for $5 (5 for $20). A player is OUT, loses a “life” and must remove a bracelet if they are hit with a dodgeball. There is no blocking. There is no throwing at the head. If you catch a dodgeball, the person who threw loses a “life” and must remove a bracelet. When you have no more “life” bracelets, you are out of the game. You may purchase as many “life” bracelets as you like BEFORE game play starts. All proceeds go to diabetes research. The winner of the competition will be crowned the Last Player Standing and win a trophy.

Rule Enforcement

All contests will be supervised by an event referee. THE REFEREE’S DECISION IS FINAL NO EXCEPTIONS.

Dodging Diabetes Code of Conduct

  • Be a good sport
  • Remember this is for charity
  • Say thank you to your refs – they are all volunteering and doing their best
  • Understand, appreciate and abide by the rules of the game
  • Be nice to other teams – they are here for the right reasons too
  • Don’t be a hyena out there