Living With Diabetes

I’m Andy Tiedeman; I am 28 years old and have had type I (juvenile) diabetes for over 15 years. Here’s my take on what it means to be living with Type I in today’s modern and geek-infested world.

My Geeky Story:

For me, embracing all that is geeky and cutting edge on the tech front in the past few years has lead to a steady improvement of my day-to-day diabetes management. I now wear a wireless device called the OmniPod that both delivers my insulin by communicating with a motorized patch that I wear and acts as a blood sugar monitor—and it must be cool if Nick Jonas uses one!

While I could have been using my geeky spare time to find out more about when the next Ironman comes out (May) or where to get Star Wars Chop Saber chopsticks (ThinkGeek) its great to know that I can also spend that time searching the Web on great sites like Diabetes Mine and TuDiabetes to get real-world input from people living with Type 1 diabetes on how to make the most of recent advances in diabetes treatment options.

But my geeky good fortune does not stop there, I’ve also discovered multiple applications on my iPhone that allow me to pull from massive food databases and determine the amount of carbohydrates found in thousands of common foods. Counting carbohydrates, as anyone who has dieted before knows, can be tedious so having this handy time-saving application by my side has been a true lifesaver. The idea that this iPhone application, available for only a few dollars, would be available is something no one in the diabetes world could have predicted even just a few years back.

And so we come back to geekiness, and why it matters—nay, why it rocks. Geeks are cool— Steve Jobs and even our President Barack Obama (he’s an avid comic collector)—are both geeky and cool! So what does that mean to you? Well, we here at Dodging Diabetes™ support your geekiness and we invite you to share it at our Tournament, to shout it from the hilltops! This year, thanks to the good folks at New Signature, you can tweet about your participating in this year’s tournament, and post it to your Facebook page! So come with your knee-highs, your sweatbands, your blogs, and your tweets, and join us in our super-cool and super-geeky annual fundraiser to Knock Out Diabetes for Good!

Why reason with this disease, instead I say hurl large foam balls at it (in the form of your rivals, who really are good people, I swear) and affirm your love of recess, foursquare, and of course… Dodgeball!!


Andy aka andytweeterman

The Facts:

Type 1 Diabetes has doubled in twenty years, and is continuing to rise at three percent per year. The incidence of Type 1 diabetes is now twice as high among children as it was in the 1980s, and 10 to 20 times more common than 100 years ago, according to peer-reviewed research uncovered in a new book from Kaplan Publishing. The incidence of Type 1 appears to be rising just as fast as the more widely reported on Type 2. New figures from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) show that Over 70,000 children develop Type 1 diabetes each year. IDF figures indicate that 440,000 children worldwide under the age of 14 now live with Type 1 diabetes.

Andy Tiedeman is the younger brother of Anna Tiedeman Irwin, a founder of the Annual Dodging Diabetes™ Dodgeball Tournament. He has Type 1 Diabetes and is a Geek.

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