Going Green

By participating in this year’s tournament you were part of the FIRST EVER SUSTAINABLE DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT EVER. And in 2013 we became SILVER certified!

We worked with the Council for Responsible Sport to earn our sustainability certification proving that we organized the event as socially and environmentally responsibly as we possibly could. To get our certification, we had to show that we took steps to reduce our carbon footprint, decrease the amount of waste produced from the event, recycle wherever possible, eat local and organic food, use renewable energy when possible and educate our teams about how we’re going green. Cool, huh?

And no, players didn’t have to play in Birkenstocks, don’t worry.

Here are just a few of the things we did to be sustainable, you can check out the full list here:

  1. Waste – We compsted or recycled 91% of the waste generated from the event and reduced the amount of paper we used.
  2. Climate – We bought carbon offsets for the entire event through a Bethesda Green start-up. We encouraged energy and fuel conservation by asking you to carpool.
  3. Equipment and Materials – Our business cards, flyers and signs are all printed on recycled paper. Our shirts were organic and our dodgeballs were re-used from last year (except for the ones that literally have bite marks in them – guys, stop eating the dodgeballs, we have granola bars….).
  4. Community and Outreach – We’ve always made it a point to embrace our local roots by encouraging local teams, companies, volunteers and sponsors to join together for the day for a good cause. This year we had two good causes: diabetes AND sustainability. We figure, why not knock out diabetes in a sustainable way?
  5. Health Promotion – We rock this category. We’ve always been all about educating our communities about what it really means to live with diabetes. And we’re never going to stop.
  6. Innovation – We think creating the FIRST EVER SUSTAINABLE DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT EVER is pretty innovative. But we also did our best to find creative ways to be sustainable – recycled trophies, local food vendors.  Any other ideas for next year? Send them our way!

We’re excited to be working with The Compost Crew to do our composting on race day!