Thank You for 10 Great Years of Dodgeball!

After ten years of hosting the Dodging Diabetes Charity Dodgeball Tournament and donating more than $150,000 dollars to diabetes research, treatment and education groups including JDRF and the Joslin Diabetes Center, we have decided to shift gears and stop hosting the dodgeball tournament as we put our heads together and plan for a new event to debut in 2017.

We’re so incredibly grateful to our entire community of supporters, volunteers, sponsors, players and amazing people who have made each tournament so special. We started this tournament with a crazy idea for a fun charity event and what Dodging Diabetes has grown into over the past ten years has become so much more than that. We have learned from each of you how to host a tournament (full disclosure: we didn’t actually know the rules to dodgeball when we launched…), have an amazing digital presence (thanks New Signature!), and actually make this event happen (thank you to our families and volunteer friends who show up every year and remind us why we do this).

Thank you to each of you that has supported our efforts in different ways. So many of you know all too well why we’re here in the first place because you or a loved one lives with diabetes today. We want you to know we remain committed to fighting diabetes and we hope you’ll join us in our next adventure.

This is not the end of Dodging Diabetes, just the dodgeball tournament. Our plan is to spend 2016 focusing our efforts toward creating a family-friendly fundraising event that will rally our community around this important cause. To that end, if you’re interested in joining us as we plan next year’s event or have ideas to share about what you’d like to see our event become, please drop us a note at

This March, please consider spending the day you would have spent playing dodgeball teaching someone new about what it means to live with diabetes, or supporting JDRF or the Joslin Diabetes Center.

More news to come and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support over the last 10 years.

Dodge On!
Anna and Elizabeth